Hi there!

I’m Jack, and I’m a writer/narrative designer who loves video games.

For the past couple years, my day job has been helping to teach people how to write stories for games. As part of that, I’ve tried to keep up with as many of the best and most interesting games coming out as I can, as well as catch up on many of the acclaimed classics and industry landmarks of the past.

Until now, documenting those experiences has been mostly a private exercise (save for the occasional personal reflection or end-of-decade retrospective). But I want to be a better writer, designer, and teacher, and so to facilitate that I’ve decided to start writing up my thoughts and insights (fingers crossed that I have insights) on the games I play, publishing them here on Substack. If you’re interested, feel free to subscribe! I’ll likely be talking mostly about video games - just like real life! - but this is basically where all my personal non-fiction writing goes, so who knows? Maybe I’ll develop an intense obsession with the manufacturing of soup cans and you’ll get a twelve-part series on that at some point. Only time will tell!

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